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Flowers shine beneath gray skies.

This morning after a heavy rain I took a few pictures of my dahlias. Only three pictures are suitable to post because the rest came out blurry. That happens when I rely on auto-focus without my glasses, and an unsteady hand!

Friday morning dahlias
"Snowbound" my first white dahlia. I was taken aback last night by how it appeared to glow in the dark. I'm now seriously considering planting a moon garden.

These two pink dahlias appear the same here, but in person they look different. The first one has more blue, giving it more of a purple color. I don't know the names since I misplaced the id tags.

Friday morning dahlias

Friday morning dahlias

This was the first winter I left my dahlias in the ground, and I lost all but two orange-reddish dahlias(you can see them in the background)! I think they survived the winter, and it was likely the record setting rains of March and April that caused them to rot. I was so disappointed! But in May I happened upon a super-sale on my way home. It was a totally random route I chose to take home that day. What luck! It also happened to be a Sunday, and the woman had slashed the prices. I picked up 40 dahlia tubers for $20. Now I wish I had room to keep them all, but I generously (if I do say so myself!) gave a little over half away to a fellow p-patch gardener and a couple of relatives.

dahlia tuber sale 5/18/14
Good reason for a u-turn!