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2015-09-30 12:00 pm

Sticky Post: Garden Spring / Summer 2015

Reference of seeds & starts for spring / summer 2015. I plan to link posts with updates & pictures throughout the growing season. 

T.S. = Territorial Seed Company
R.G = Renee's Garden

Cascadia (snap / T.S.) 
Lincoln (shelling / T.S.) 
Sugar Sprint (snap / T.S.)
Monte Cristo (pole / T.S.)

Crimson Crunch ( round red / R.G.)

Stardom Mix ( equal parts Stardom & Stealth / R.G.)

Sweet Peas
Perfume Delight (heirloom / R.G.)
Queen of the Night (heirloom / R.G.) 

Small sugar (T.S.)

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2015-03-26 10:09 am
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Note to self

Don't begin watering rounds until fully caffeinated. Cephalotus went splat.
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2014-08-15 04:26 pm
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Flowers shine beneath gray skies.

This morning after a heavy rain I took a few pictures of my dahlias. Only three pictures are suitable to post because the rest came out blurry. That happens when I rely on auto-focus without my glasses, and an unsteady hand!

Friday morning dahlias
"Snowbound" my first white dahlia. I was taken aback last night by how it appeared to glow in the dark. I'm now seriously considering planting a moon garden.

Dahlia pictures + text )
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2011-12-26 04:41 pm
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new journal

Hi all!

I decided to get a jump-start on the New Year with a new journal. A fresh start, if you will. I don't expect anything drastically different to appear here except for more public posts as I'd like the opportunity to make more friends.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas or respective holiday. If you're like me, you'll be recovering for a few days. :)